Episode 10 //From One RDH to Another rDH

Teeth Chatters: From One RDH to Another RDH

Episode 10 // June 15th, 2022 // Guest Colette Murray, RDH

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From One RDH to Another RDH

About The Episode

I am so excited to share that today’s guest is Colette Murray, RDH, and IRDH. In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Colette operates her own Independent Mobile Dental Hygiene practice. Colette is also the Project Manager, Author, and Co-Editor of the book Get Your Spit Together. This book is all about why your spit is vital for your overall health! 

In this episode, Colette and I will discuss the importance of your spit for your overall health and how Colette got to be where she is today. Join me for this fun podcast where we will talk about the importance of oral & systemic health! So, let’s get CHATTING! 

Episode Outline

  • Colette Murray’s Background
  • The Connection of Oral & Systemic Health
  • Inflammation in Your Body
  • The Importance of Understanding How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

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