Episode 13 // Dentistry on the Go with Dr. Ashleigh Maciejewski

eeth Chatters: Dentistry on the go

Episode 13 // September 7th 2022 // Guest Dr. Ashleigh Maciejewski

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Dentistry on the Go with Dr. Ashleigh Maciejewski

About The Episode

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ashleigh Maciejewski on her mobile dental business, Accommodental. According to their website, “AccommoDental is on a mission to deliver dental care across Western New York to patients who are best-served at home.   

Every person needs oral care, yet traditional dental office settings cannot meet the individualized needs of every individual.  

People with limited mobility, cognitive impairment, emotional limitations, phobias, or special needs could benefit from a visiting dental professional suited to meet their needs.” 

Dr. Ashleigh Maciejewski shares her background, how she found herself with a mobile dentistry business, and the importance of understanding and meeting specific patient needs. You don’t want to miss this awesome episode, so, let’s get CHATTING. 

Episode Outline

  • Dr. Ashleigh’s background 
  • Dr. Ashleigh’s journey to Accommodental 
  • Systemic & Oral Health Connections 
  • The importance of meeting specific patient needs 
  • Dr. Ashleigh’s upcoming podcast 

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