Colette Murray

Colette Murray

is a Registered Dental Hygienist and operates her own mobile Dental hygiene practice.

Colette Murray, RDH, IRDH, has been in preventive dentistry as a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2001. She has worked in private general practice and currently operates an Independent Mobile Dental Hygiene practice in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her clients range from toddlers to centurions over 100 years of age.  She participates in the mentorship of entrepreneurial dental hygienists starting their own independent practices. She served as the project manager, author, and co-editor of the recently released book Get Your Spit Together! Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups. Colette is a serial entrepreneur who is always looking for ways to improve the oral health of her community and inspire and collaborate with her dental colleagues.

Listen to Colette’s episode with Teeth Chatters Host Sara Juliano, RDH here.

"Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups."

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