Episode 02 //"The Toxic Bond" Dry Mouth & COVID-19

Teeth Chatters Dry Mouth and Covid-19

Episode 2 // November 15, 2021 // Guest Maggie Karnath

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"The Toxic Bond" Dry Mouth & COVID-19

About The Episode

Today, my guest and I will be discussing the toxic bond between dry mouth and the COVID-19 virus. As COVID-19 continues to remain relevant in our everyday lives, more research has been completed on the connection to the COVID-19 virus and our salivary enzyme receptors. We will discuss how the COVID-19 virus affects our ACE2 receptors found in our oral cavity and creates salivary dysfunction. This salivary dysfunction will create dry mouth symptoms and serve as an early indicator or prodromal effect of having COVID-19. As we all know, saliva is crucial to our oral and systemic health. Saliva is our first line of defense against foreign microorganisms. In this episode, my friend Maggie and I will explore how COVID-19 induces dry mouth symptoms and travels throughout the body. Don’t miss out on this important discussion! So, let’s get CHATTING.

Episode Outline

  • The COVID-19 virus
  • The importance of saliva
  • How COVID-19 affects ACE2 receptors
  • ACE2 receptors
  • Cytokines
  • Dry Mouth as a prodromal sign
  • Dry mouth symptoms
  • Oral health tips

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