Episode 07 //Dyslexia: More Than A Learning Disability

Teeth Chatters Dyslexia

Episode 7 // March 24th, 2022 // Guest John Manzella

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Dyslexia: More Than A Learning Disability

About The Episode

Today my guest is John Manzella. John is an author, a nationally syndicated columnist, speaker, and a dear friend of mine. At a young age, John was diagnosed with developmental dyslexia. In today’s episode, John and I will discuss developmental dyslexia and how it has affected him growing up throughout his life and career.

John will share what it was like growing up with dyslexia and the different struggles he has had as a result of it. However, while John had struggles, he will explain how he has turned dyslexia into an advantage of his. John and I are both super positive people and I think you’ll see that here; John will let everyone know the upside of dyslexia and how certain attributes have benefitted him in his career.

And of course, I will share some common oral manifestations associated with dyslexia and some tips as well. In this episode, we have so much interesting information about dyslexia and John’s life, so make sure to listen and let’s get CHATTING.

Episode Outline

  • A background of developmental dyslexia
  • John’s Childhood growing up with dyslexia
  • John’s struggles with dyslexia
  • Attributes of dyslexia
  • Strengths associated with dyslexia
  • Oral health tips for those with dyslexia

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