Episode 09 //Closing the Dental-Medical Divide

Teeth Chatters: Closing the Dental-Medical Divide

Episode 9 // June 1st, 2022 // Guest Dr. Charles Reinertsen

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Closing the Dental-Medical Divide

About The Episode

I am so excited for everyone to hear this episode! My guest today is Dr. Chuck Reinertsen, the founder of The Dental Medical Convergence. Dr. Reinertsen’s passion is to close the gap between oral and systemic health. He started his dental career in 1979 and, in 2021, started the charity The Dental Medical Convergence, which dedicates its time informing the public about improving overall health through oral health.  

Listen here to why optimal oral health is crucial for our overall health! Dr. Reinertsen shares his personal experience on why dental and medical professionals should work closely together to bridge this gap. 

This episode truly is a delight and highlights the importance of oral & systemic health! So, let’s get CHATTING! 

Episode Outline

  • Dr. Charles Reinertsen’s Background
  • The Connection of Oral & Systemic Health
  • Gum Bacteria & Your Heart Health
  • The Importance of Understanding How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

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