Episode 06 //Altered Taste: A By-Product of Chemotherapy

Teeth Chatters Altered Taste from Chemo

Episode 6 // February 16th, 2022 // Guest ashley White

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Altered Taste: A By-Product of Chemotherapy

About The Episode

The chemosensory system is the sensory system of the body that detects and transduces chemical signals to the brain. In today’s episode, Dr. Ashley White, Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, and I will focus on the two complexes, the gustatory complex, which controls our sense of taste and the olfactory complex, which controls our sense of smell.

Dr. Ashley and I will discuss a common side-effect of chemotherapy, altered taste, medically known as dysgeusia. We will share why this is a side effect many cancers patients experience, and what it may mean for your immune system and overall health. The immune system is our body’s way of maintaining health and fighting off foreign cells that cause infection and disease. This also may be affected by cancer treatments, and affect your overall health.

Dr. Ashley and I will also talk about how chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat all forms of cancer may affect these gustatory and olfactory functions within the chemosensory system. In addition, we will share some health and oral healthcare tips for cancer patients. During such a stressful time, it’s important to be kind to yourself!

Join Dr. Ashley and I today for this vital topic, and learn more about how chemotherapy may affect your immune system, oral health, and overall health.

Episode Outline

  • A Background of Cancer 
  • What is the Chemosensory System 
  • The Neurological Pathway of Taste 
  • Cancer Treatments and their Effects 
  • Oral Health Tips 
  • Chemotherapy & Immune Systems 
  • Overall Health Tips 

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