Continuing Education: "The Toxic Bond" Dry Mouth & COVID-19

  • Identify the major benefits Saliva has to your oral and systemic health 
  • Identify Acinar cells and the two major types 
  • Identify ACE2 enzymes and their correlation to COVID-19 virus 
  • Understand how ACE2 enzymes assist in the Renin angiotensin -aldosterone system (RAAS) 
  • Identify how the COVID-19 virus attaches to ACE2 enzymes in the epithelial linings of the body and oral cavity 
  • Identify how Saliva may be the first point of contact for the COVID-19 virus to enter the body 
  • Understand the olfactory and gustatory organs and their specific functions  
  • Understand why the sense of taste and smell are altered when COVID-19 attaches to ACE2 enzymes 
  • Identify what a Tastant is and how taste is altered when COVID-19 attaches to ACE2 enzymes 
  • Identify how COVID-19 affects some of the major vital organs via tissue migration 
  • Learn healthy tips and exercises to prevent systemic inflammation from the Covid 19 virus and reduce symptoms 

After listening to this episode, click here to take the CE test! Make sure to view & check your state guidelines to ensure this CE credit is applicable in your state. 

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